Scarlett Johansson Too Curvy for “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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Scarlett Johansson lost the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” role to Rooney Mara and some rumors in Hollywood attributed that to her being too “curvy.” Their loss, Scarlett seems to say. She recently rejected the unwritten rule that, in Hollywood, an actress has to be ultra-thin to be sexy.

No matter what the envious may say, Scarlett is one of the hottest Hollywood’s stars; so how does she do it?

Scarlett is jubilant with her curves and does not conform to Hollywood’s “super skinny” ideals. She said, “that being thin is not sexy at all. Women shouldn’t be forced to agree to weak and unhealthy body figures that the media promotes.”

Scarlett Johansson usually keeps private, but she did say that she is a cheese fanatic, and that’s her greatest vice.

Scarlett says that she eats well and walks a lot. That’s the advantage of living in a big city; you have to walk. She sometimes does yoga. She sticks to cardio and no weights and also does some boxing. She commits to 30 minutes of exercise every day. She says that pull ups, crunches, jumps, squats, jumping jacks, walking, and push ups are all tasks that can be done without trainers or gym associations; so she sticks to that.

She did admit that she indulges in Burger King Cheeseburger meals once in a while.

Scarlett suggests picking a ‘healthier’ version of junk food. For example, she treats herself to a slice of vegetable pizza with a Diet Coke. For dinner, she might have some Chinese takeout, “A little white rice, a little chicken and some egg drop soup.” Scarlett also eats a lot of fruits, greens, and lean proteins.

Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks to Hollywood

Porter was born in Trafford,, Greater Manchester on Christmas Day, 1987. She grew up with her mom, grandma, and sister and has just met her dad once. Jorgie is best referred to for her part as Theresa McQueen in Hollyoaks.


In November 2008, it was reported that Porter had joined the thrown of the Channel 4 cleanser musical show Hollyoaks, assuming the part of Theresa McQueen. Doorman said that she was “excited” to join the cast and be a piece of one of cleanser musical drama’s “most infamous families”. 

In October 2013, she said she was leaving Hollyoaks toward the end of her agreement. In July 2015, it was declared that she had chosen to leave the show to seek after an acting and demonstrating profession in Hollywood and that her way out would be telecast in mid 2016.

In FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011, Porter was positioned 50th. She has demonstrated for the magazine on a few events. In August 2011, Porter partook in the ITV move show Born to Shine. She figured out how to road move on the appear yet neglected to make it to the last.

In 2012, Porter was affirmed to be a hopeful and member on the seventh arrangement of Dancing on Ice. Doorman was matched hitting the dance floor with American sets skater Matt Evers. Doorman made it to the last and completed in second place behind Emmerdale performer Matthew Wolfenden. 

Doorman later told the Press Association that she needed to stay with Hollyoaks. Because of mainstream interest, she came back to Dancing On Ice in 2014 in an ‘All Stars’ release for their last arrangement however was voted out in the primary week of the appear. In 2014, she discharged her own particular date-book for 2015, demonstrating some of her displaying shoots and photographs. She has likewise discharged another timetable for 2016.

Teresa Palmer reveals she is a nurse

Teresa Palmer has been in healing profession for over 30 years. She is a registered nurse and nationally certified nurse practitioner with certifications in basic life support and advanced cardiovascular life support. Teresa pioneered the role of the nurse practitioner in the acute care (hospital) setting and created a hospital-based nurse practitioner role in cardiac surgery. 

Through her work she became the role model for other nurse practitioners and graduate nursing students and was asked to assist in developing a graduate nursing program for acute care nursing practitioners.

Teresa has been tapped on different occasions for keynotes and talking engagements, interviews for master nursing journals, and even a video used by graduate nursing schools. Besides, Teresa got the chance to be known for her work generally and was gone to a nation town in Romania to set up the gathering’s first helpful office. Amid her time in nursing, 

Teresa has strived to merge her knowledge into drug with a widely inclusive, significant approach to manage prosperity and she has taken after pioneers in the field. She worked in cardiology units with Mehmet Oz, and sharpened yoga.

Teresa firmly believes that people tend to give away great deal of personal power and control when it comes to their health and rely too heavily on the medical system and medications to “fix” them. Through counseling, yoga, and meditation, Teresa helps her clients regain and hold onto their personal power with regards to their well-being.

Teresa is a progressive guest on WBAI radio where she offers counsel on choice approaches to manage prosperity organization. She encouraged and conveyed WBAI’s Your Spirit, Your Health and The Power to Heal and she has been a guest on WBAI’s The Positive Mind with Armand DiMele. Consistently, Teresa drives a retreat on prosperity and most significant feeling of being at St. Joseph by the Sea, a significant retreat center in New Jersey. 

For whatever length of time that two years, her retreat has been the most surely understood one offered by the center and part numbers have tripled and accomplished full confine ensuing to the undertaking’s starting. Starting late she in like manner made CD (titled Meditations for Well Being) to help other individuals discover how reflection can unequivocally influence a man’s life and general prosperity.

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